Ruting Xia

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Studies have shown that prior information concerning the spatial location of a subsequent target facilitates the selection of that target for further visual processing in three-dimensional (3-D) space. Using Posner's cuing paradigm, our work examined the reaction time of drivers when cue duration and peripheral environment luminance was changed, and(More)
The experimental investigation for three acclivitous holes machining was conducted in order to increase for the growing demand for higher productivity and reduced costs of machining need. The present investigation employed four feed rate for 00Cr19Ni10 material workpiece, and measured surface roughness, radial runout of workpiece and micro hardness. The(More)
The present research examined vision attentional processing of location and color cues information in three-dimensional (3-D) space using cuing paradigm by means of a three-dimensional attention measurement apparatus. Experiment used three cues information (valid, invalid and neutral), two color information (red and green), and three interstimulus intervals(More)
The present investigation aimed to reveal characteristics of depth attention shifting of low-vision drivers in driving. Near and far stimuli were used by means of a three-dimensional (3-D) attention measurement apparatus that simulated traffic environment. A special test eyepiece, there was a yellow plastic film in front of eyepiece, have been fabricated,(More)
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