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The problem of end-to-end quality of service (QoS) over Internet can be split into two parts; The first part is to develop framework for information exchange, signaling, path selection and setup spanning across multiple autonomous systems (ASes). The second part is to find an optimal inter-domain path based on specific QoS requirements and available(More)
With the significant increase in the Internet applications and services which have definite QoS requirements and the resources on the Internet being shared, the need of end-to-end QoS sessions has become critical. The existing QoS mechanisms provide the path selection mechanism in distributed manner which do not necessarily support the end-to-end QoS(More)
— A video sequence consists of a series of frames. In order to compress the video for efficient storage and transmission, the temporal redundancy among adjacent frames must be exploited. A frame is selected as reference frame and subsequent frames are predicted from the reference frame using a technique known as motion estimation. Multimedia has experienced(More)
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