Ruthsenne Gagarin

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This paper describes a new microwave-based method and associated measurement system for monitoring multiple vital signs (VS) as well as the changes in lung water content. The measurement procedure utilizes a single microwave sensor for reflection coefficient measurements, hence the name "microwave stethoscope (MiSt)," as opposed to the two-sensor(More)
This paper presents advanced signal processing techniques and associated results for measuring the stroke volume using cardiopulmonary stethoscope (CPS), a new noninvasive multiple vital signs sensor. The CPS is a novel sensor based on RF measurements on patient’s chest. It can noninvasively and accurately measure changes in lung water (CLW), heart rate(More)
The MiSt measurement procedure for vital signs monitoring is based on the microwave reflection coefficient measurements on the patient chest using a novel microwave sensor. It is shown that MiSt provides integrated, multi-purpose, low-cost and non-invasive vital signs sensor that is capable of measuring heart-rate, respiration rate, changes in the lung(More)
In this paper, HCAC's research and development efforts on the development of integrated and low cost telemedicine system are summarized. The developed telemedicine system allows the medical personnel to remotely examine and measure the vital signs of the patients whereas the novel microwave sensor and the associated signal processing method opens up new(More)
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