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IL-10 has proved to be a key cytokine in regulating inflammatory responses by controlling the production and function of various other cytokines. The suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) gene products are a family of cytoplasmic molecules that are essential mediators for negatively regulating cytokine signaling. It has been previously shown that IL-10(More)
We have investigated the capacity of human MHC class I HLA-B gene products, HLA-B27, -B7 (fully human), and -B7kb (human-mouse hybrid consisting of the alpha1 and alpha2 domains of HLA-B7, and the alpha3 and cytoplasmic domains of mouse H-2Kb), expressed on mouse NK cells during ontogeny to influence NK recognition of otherwise syngeneic mouse target cells.(More)
NK recognition and lysis of targets are mediated by activation receptor(s) whose effects may be over-ridden by inhibitory receptors recognizing class I MHC on the target. Incubation of normal lymphoblasts with a peptide that can bind to their class I MHC renders them sensitive to lysis by syngeneic NK cells. By binding to class I MHC, the peptide alters or(More)
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