Ruth del Campo

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The problem of planning the long-term (multiyear) operation of a multireservoir hydrothermal electric power generation system is solved by a sto- chastic dynamic programming (SDP) algorithm using successive approximations. The hydro system model consists of a set of disjoint hydro chains each modeled by an equivalent reservoir and hydroplant. The inflow to(More)
This paper introduces an adaptive, weather sensitive, short term load forecast algorithm that has been developed for two South Carolina Power Systems: CEPCI (Central Electric Power Cooperatives, Inc., Central for short) and Combined System. The model is based on a State Space formulation specially tailored for this application. A detailed correlation study(More)
In this paper we introduce the concept of identity tokens in multi-domain service environments and show how it is used to bridge between authentication/authorization and users' privacy. This token provides, together with further authentication and authorization techniques, a high level of privacy without anonymity
In this paper we propose an integrated platform to power the symbiosis between networks and services whilst supporting mobility of users. This platform is based on methods for authentication, authorization and payment of services in a roaming environment. Existing technologies are combined and enhanced to provide a blueprint for a platform to leverage the(More)
Tools for Strategic Planning of Electric Utilities are desirable that allow modelling of uncertainties, treatment of concerns other than cost and that have both simulation and optimization capabilities. DEFNET (Decision Framework for New Technologies) is one such tool that has been developed at SC (Systems Control) under the sponsorship of EPRI (Electric(More)
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