Ruth Weinstein

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BACKGROUND During the last few decades much effort has been invested into lowering smoking rates due to its heavy burden on the population's health and on costs for the health care services. OBJECTIVES To compare trends in smoking rates between adult Arab men and Jewish men and women during 2000-2008. METHODS Six random telephone surveys were conducted(More)
Discrepancies exist in existing research regarding the association between social capital and self-rated health, most of which has been undertaken in the developed world. The aim of this study is first to assess the levels of the various variables describing individual social capital in Jews and Arab residing in Israel, and second to assess the association(More)
BACKGROUND Smoking rates among teenagers have increased in many countries including Israel. Youth smoking prevention programs have developed considerably in recent years and the present study examines results of mass media anti-smoking campaign in Israel. METHODS Two telephone interviews were conducted one moth and 9 months after exposure to TV(More)
BACKGROUND Extreme and acquiescence biases are the tendency to give a positive or extreme answer regardless of the 'true' answer. These biases may compromise comparisons of attitudes regarding health between population groups. The aim of the study was to measure the extent of extreme and acquiescence biases and identify factors associated with them in two(More)
BACKGROUND Familial nonmedullary thyroid cancer (FNMTC) is a disease defined by clustering of thyroid cancers of follicular cell origin, and it is estimated to account for 5% of all thyroid cancers. Several studies found FNMTC to be more aggressive than sporadic disease, whereas others found them to have a similar course and outcome. The purpose of this(More)
BACKGROUND Papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) commonly affects women of child-bearing age. During normal pregnancy, several factors may have a stimulatory effect on normal and nodular thyroid growth. The aim of the study was to determine whether pregnancy in thyroid-cancer survivors poses a risk of progression or recurrence of the disease. METHODS The files(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) usually have a good prognosis but may experience a decline in quality of life (QOL). The way patients perceive their illness may have a major impact on their QOL. Our hypothesis was that patients with DTC frequently perceive their illness as much more severe than its objective clinical(More)
OBJECTIVE The HIV/AIDS burden in Israel is increasing. This study aims to describe the nationwide-HIV epidemiology in the last 30 years and highlight areas of concern in HIV/AIDS control. DESIGN Descriptive study. SETTING The National HIV/AIDS Registry in Israel. PARTICIPANTS All individuals who were reported with HIV/AIDS in Israel. PRIMARY OUTCOME(More)
BACKGROUND The rapid increase in the incidence of well-differentiated thyroid cancer in recent years is the result of smaller thyroid tumors (1 cm or less) being diagnosed more frequently. Few studies are available regarding the appropriate approach to this previously known postmortem incidental finding, and their results remain controversial. METHODS In(More)
Health promotion competencies can help inform health promotion training and practice. Competency sets have been developed in countries with formal educational, professional and policy infrastructures for health promotion, but little action has occurred in countries where such infrastructures are only emerging. This study examines the views of Israeli health(More)