Ruth Walker

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OBJECTIVES This study provides insights into the validity and acceptability of Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE) and profile-case Best Worst Scaling (BWS) methods for eliciting preferences for health care in a priority-setting context. METHODS An adult sample (N = 24) undertook a traditional DCE and a BWS choice task as part of a wider survey on Health(More)
We describe one male and one female patient who each developed childhood/adolescent obsessive-compulsive disorder as a prelude to the development of a typical picture of chorea-acanthocytosis (ChAc). In each patient, the caudate nucleus showed dramatic atrophy. The role of the caudate in compulsive phenomena, and the predilection for neurological disorders(More)
BACKGROUND The strategic importance of monitoring social determinants of health (SDH) and health equity and inequity has been a central focus in global discussions around the 2011 Rio Political Declaration on SDH and the Millennium Development Goals. This study is part of the World Health Organization (WHO) equity-oriented analysis of linkages between(More)
The presence of acanthocytes in the blood is characteristic of patients suffering from neuroacanthocytosis (NA). Recent studies have described abnormal phosphorylation of the proteins involved in connecting the membrane and cytoskeleton in patient-derived erythrocytes. The involvement of lipids in the underlying signaling pathways and recent reports on in(More)
BACKGROUND An in-frame deletion leading to the loss of a single glutamic acid residue in the protein torsinA (ΔE-torsinA) results in an inherited movement disorder, DYT1 dystonia. This autosomal dominant disease affects the function of the brain without causing neurodegeneration, by a mechanism that remains unknown. METHODS We evaluated the literature(More)
In advance of a change in learning management systems at a tertiary institution in New Zealand, the authors undertook a research study, the purpose of which was to provide a 'snap-shot' of existing online instructional practice within their School. They sought to identify existing pedagogical and technical issues and staff attitudes and preparedness for the(More)
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