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Social Psychologists and the Method of the Instinctivists
O NE criticism of the theory of instincts as the basis of human behavior was that lists of instincts were based almost entirely upon the opinions and chance observations of psychologists rather thanExpand
Recent Literature
Book Reviews : Care And Punishment: The Dilemma Of Prison Medicine. Curtis Prout and Robert N. Ross. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1989. 276 pp. cloth, paper
the system vastly improved and to accept what it produces. Why, however, does regulation not work? Gross and Mauro do not address this question explicitly but the answer, I think, lies in theirExpand
The Christianizing Process among Preliterate Peoples
Although missionaries have assumed that a preliterate people will exchange its native social organization and religion for Christianity, the actual process which takes place when civilized andExpand