Ruth R. Perlin

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In a retrospective study of clinical management practices, we assessed the impact of offering rehabilitative optometric services to a group of severely head-injured residents of a long-term rehabilitation facility. Each testable patient admitted (n = 55) was screened for visual function, and more than half were identified as having visual problems in need(More)
The concept of visual field enhancement is to increase the effect of the patient's habitual scanning skills by displacing peripheral images toward the residual field and mid-line. This reduces the extent of ocular and head rotation by patients with severely restricted and hemianopic visual fields. High power fresnel press-on prisms are used to effect the(More)
BACKGROUND Choroideremia, along with other choroidal and retinal dystrophies, produces a progressive peripheral visual field loss. This paper highlights how to approach the optometric evaluation of a field constricted patient, how to decide if Fresnel prism therapy is appropriate and how to manage the patient if it is. METHODS The patient described in(More)
An objective method for placement of Fresnel prisms has been used to enhance constricted visual fields at the Eastern Blind Rehabilitation Center in West Haven, CT since 1975. To study the effectiveness of this method, 22 patients fitted with prisms since 1986 participated in a survey regarding their level of satisfaction with the prisms. Nineteen out of 22(More)
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