Ruth R Chen

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Microenvironmental conditions control tumorigenesis and biomimetic culture systems that allow for in vitro and in vivo tumor modeling may greatly aid studies of cancer cells' dependency on these conditions. We engineered three-dimensional (3D) human tumor models using carcinoma cells in polymeric scaffolds that recreated microenvironmental characteristics(More)
Microchannels were produced using a photolithographic technique to pattern polyimide walls (11 microm in height and 20-60 microm in width) onto a planar glass substrate. PC12 cells were seeded onto patterned surfaces. After 3 days of culture in NGF supplemented medium cells were viable and extended neurites. Culture in microchannels influenced the direction(More)
PURPOSE Tissue engineering seeks to replace and regrow damaged or diseased tissues and organs from either cells resident in the surrounding tissue or cells transplanted to the tissue site. The purpose of this review is to present the application of polymeric delivery systems for growth factor delivery in tissue engineering. METHODS Growth factors direct(More)
Growth factors have been widely used in strategies to regenerate and repair diseased tissues, but current therapies that go directly from bench to bedside have had limited clinical success. We hypothesize that engineering successful therapies with recombinant proteins will often require specific quantitative information of the spatiotemporal role of the(More)
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