Ruth Pritchard

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The syntheses of 2,6-bis(4-chloropyrazol-1-yl)pyridine (L1), 2,6-bis(4-bromopyrazol-1-yl)pyridine (L2) and 2,6-bis(4-iodopyrazol-1-yl)pyridine (L3) by electrophilic halogenation of 2,6-bis(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine are reported. The complex [Fe(L1)2][BF4]2 crystallises in two different solvent-free polymorphs. The tetragonal (alpha) form crystallises in a known(More)
Three experiments evaluated the effects of ractopamine hydrochloride (RAC) dose and duration on growth performance and carcass characteristics of feedlot steers. In total, 1,509 crossbred steers (530 kg initial BW [SD 22]) were used in a randomized complete block design using a 3 × 3 factorial treatment structure. Treatments consisted of RAC dose (0, 100,(More)
We report the syntheses of six new salts of the iron(III) complexes of four hexadentate Schiff bases of the saltrien-type derived from 1,8-diamino-3,6-diazaoctane and 2 equiv. of the appropriate salicylaldehyde derivative. Three of these new compounds undergo gradual spin-transitions centred between 155-204 K in the solid state, that proceed to 35-50%(More)
While the source of most cases of lower gastrointestinal bleeding may be diagnosed with modern radiological and endoscopic techniques, approximately 5% of patients remain who have negative endoscopic and radiological investigations [1]. These patients require repeated hospital admissions and blood transfusions, and may proceed to exploratory laparotomy and(More)
The in vitro skin penetration model using excised skin from rats, rabbits, and humans was examined to evaluate the relative effect of surfactants on percutaneous absorption of naproxen. Differences in the magnitude of the effect of surfactants in promoting percutaneous absorption of naproxen through skins of different species were observed. For comparative(More)
PURPOSE Studies were initiated to examine the effect of formulation and process variables on the delamination process and also the influence of the glass manufacturing process, supplier, and glass surface treatment. METHODS Stress testing was performed by exposing filled vials to multiple sterilization cycles followed by accelerated stability testing.(More)
The feasibility of using mixtures of corticosteroids as a mechanism for enhancing total percutaneous absorption of drug has been investigated. The results of this study indicate that under certain conditions, mixtures of corticosteroids exhibit independent solubility, partitioning and diffusion behavior. Mixtures of three 21-esters of fluocinolone acetonide(More)
BACKGROUND Anal ulceration is uncommon. Patients are typically referred because of severe anal pain, bleeding, discharge, and ulceration. It is important to exclude anal carcinoma, and to consider more unusual causes. METHODS A 74-year-old lady presented with severe anal pain and ulceration. This was subsequently noted to be related to nicorandil, a(More)
1. This report describes the responses of thirty-six single neurones in the primary visual area of the cat's neurologically isolated and unanaesthetized forebrain, to movements of thin white lines across the visual field. The experiments were designed to record the effects upon the response to a single test line of an added line, which was either parallel(More)