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Electrical stimulation applied near the medial longitudinal fasciculus (MLF) produces ipsiversive circling. In this experiment we examined the spatial and temporal properties of this substrate in rats by determining the current required to produce a constant amount of circling at frequencies from 15 to 500 Hz. In general, when frequency was high, the(More)
We compare the three most commonly used scanning probe techniques to obtain a reliable value of the work function in graphene domains of different thickness. The surface potential (SP) of graphene is directly measured in Hall bar geometry via a combination of electrical functional microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, which enables calibrated work(More)
NMR relaxation rates were related to the composition of the nucleus pulposus from 11 and anulus fibrosus from six human intervertebral disks. Tissue water was proportional to glycosaminoglycan (GAG) and residue, the noncollagen, non-GAG portion of the dry weight (R2 = 0.74). The solid signal fraction depended on collagen and residue protons (R2 = 0.89).(More)
Epitaxially grown single layer and multi layer graphene on SiC devices were fabricated and compared for response towards NO 2. Due to electron donation from SiC, single layer graphene is n-type with a very low carrier concentration. The choice of substrate is demonstrated to enable tailoring of the electronic properties of graphene, with a SiC substrate(More)
Quota Award to K.E.T. We thank Carmel Houston-Price and David Leavens for their helpful comments on an earlier draft of this paper. We would also like to thank the parents and children who participated. Abstract Research demonstrates that within-category visual variability facilitates noun learning; however, the effect of visual variability on verb learning(More)
Research demonstrates that within-category visual variability facilitates noun learning; however, the effect of visual variability on verb learning is unknown. We habituated 24-month-old children to a novel verb paired with an animated star-shaped actor. Across multiple trials, children saw either a single action from an action category (identical actions(More)
Wide bandgap materials like SiC, ZnO, AlN form a strong platform as transducers for biosensors realized as e.g. ISFET (ion selective field effect transistor) devices or resonators. We have taken two main steps towards a multifunctional biosensor transducer. First we have successfully functionalized ZnO and SiC surfaces with e.g. APTES. For example ZnO is(More)
Recent work conducted under the aegis of the US Burning Plasma Organization related to establishing recommendations for requirements for ITER disruption mitigation systems is described. The recommendations and assessments of the resulting plasma and tokamak operations impacts of a massive-gas-injection disruption mitigation system have been developed in(More)
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