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OBJECTIVES To determine the relationship between mild vascular cognitive impairment (mVCI) and functional disability in older stroke survivors without dementia. DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING Stroke patients from representative hospital-based stroke registers. PARTICIPANTS Three hundred thirty-nine stroke survivors without dementia, aged 75 and older.(More)
Using environmental scanning Kelvin probe microscopy, we show that the position of the Fermi level of single layer graphene is more sensitive to chemical gating than that of double layer graphene. We calculate that the difference in sensitivity to chemical gating is not entirely due to the difference in band structure of 1 and 2 layer graphene. The findings(More)
ZnO nanostructured materials, such as films and nanoparticles, could provide a suitable platform for development of high performance biosensors due to their unique fundamental material properties. This paper reviews different preparation techniques of ZnO nanocrystals and material issues like wettability, biocompatibility and toxicity, which have an(More)
Epitaxially grown single layer and multi layer graphene on SiC devices were fabricated and compared for response towards NO2. Due to electron donation from SiC, single layer graphene is n-type with a very low carrier concentration. The choice of substrate is demonstrated to enable tailoring of the electronic properties of graphene, with a SiC substrate(More)
We compare the three most commonly used scanning probe techniques to obtain a reliable value of the work function in graphene domains of different thickness. The surface potential (SP) of graphene is directly measured in Hall bar geometry via a combination of electrical functional microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, which enables calibrated work(More)
Jens Eriksson, Ruth Pearce, Tihomir Iakimov, Chariya Virojanadara, Daniela Gogova, Mike Andersson, Mikael Syväjärvi, Anita Lloyd Spetz and Rositza Yakimova, The influence of substrate morphology on thickness uniformity and unintentional doping of epitaxial graphene on SiC, 2012, Applied Physics Letters, (100), 24, 241607. http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4729556(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this UK based study is to ascertain the support provided to preceptors and the qualities they require to carry out their role supporting newly qualified professionals. DESIGN A qualitative descriptive approach was adopted to elicit the experiences and perceptions of the preceptors in practice. SAMPLE AND METHODS A cross-section(More)
We study an epitaxial graphene monolayer with bilayer inclusions via magnetotransport measurements and scanning gate microscopy at low temperatures. We find that bilayer inclusions can be metallic or insulating depending on the initial and gated carrier density. The metallic bilayers act as equipotential shorts for edge currents, while closely spaced(More)
Research demonstrates that within-category visual variability facilitates noun learning; however, the effect of visual variability on verb learning is unknown. We habituated 24-month-old children to a novel verb paired with an animated star-shaped actor. Across multiple trials, children saw either a single action from an action category (identical actions(More)