Ruth O Beltran

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International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision (ICD-10) has included a diagnostic category of "enduring personality change after catastrophic experience" (EPCACE). Preliminary investigation suggests that there is considerable endorsement in principle for this new category among experts in the field of(More)
The inclusion of enduring personality change after catastrophic experience (EPCACE) as a diagnostic category in the ICD-10 represents a turning point in the evolution of the nosology of traumatic stress syndromes, yet many aspects of the diagnosis remain contentious. Given the absence of published research concerning this category, an exploratory survey of(More)
Enduring personality change after catastrophic experience (EPCACE) is a diagnostic category included in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision (ICD-10), as one of the adult personality disorders. Preliminary investigation suggests there is considerable endorsement in principle for this new(More)
PURPOSE To determine the number of Latino physicians in California, identify the schools and countries where they were educated, determine the percentage located in Latino areas, and project the supply of Latino physicians to 2020. METHOD From a 1999 list of 74,345 licensed physicians, the authors identified Latino U.S. medical graduates (USMGs) by(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined levels of satisfaction with mainstream mental health services and specialized mental health services for refugees among Vietnamese psychiatric patients and their relatives. Demographic, diagnostic, symptomatic, and service-related issues that might influence satisfaction were investigated. METHODS Eighty-six Vietnamese(More)
The unsatisfactory dental health situation in the majority of the Latin American population, presently not covered by existing dental services, led to a serious questioning of the educational process directed to prepare human resources in dentistry. At the present time, many dental schools in Latin America are trying to find and implement new teaching(More)
This review explores the literature on the concept of work in unemployment and its relationship to health. A range of literature about the activities of unemployed people is reviewed and discussed with reference to three questions: What do unemployed people do?, What activities are associated with the health of unemployed people? and Do unemployed people(More)
To investigate the involvement of psychological/social factors in the condition of climacteric disturbance in Japan and the Philippines, we examined the menopausal symptoms and psychological/social factors in menopausal women living in local communities and compared among both countries whether differences in culture, lifestyle, etc. affected the condition(More)