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Although intensification of toxic cyanobacterial blooms over the last decade is a matter of growing concern due to bloom impact on water quality, the biological role of most of the toxins produced is not known. In this critical review we focus primarily on the biological role of two toxins, microcystins and cylindrospermopsin, in inter- and intra-species(More)
Organogenesis in plants involves differential growth. Rapidly growing primordia are distinguished from the meristem and each other by slower growing boundaries. PETAL LOSS (PTL) is a trihelix transcription factor of Arabidopsis that represses growth in boundaries between newly arising sepals. To identify partners involved in this growth limitation, a young(More)
The Kinneret phytoplankton biodiversity has been monitored on a regular basis since 1969, with the taxonomic information stored as a digital online catalog ( http://kinneret.ocean.org.il/phyt_cat_listView.aspx ) containing photographs and morphological descriptions. Our aim was to upgrade this ID tool by adding to it a consensus DNA sequence as a species(More)
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