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Theories differ on how typicality and arousal influence aesthetic appraisal and whether these processes together interact or have independent effects on aesthetic appraisal. This research investigates the simultaneous effects of typicality and arousal on aesthetic appraisal for product designs by manipulating both processes separately: typicality by(More)
This research enhances our understanding of the relationship between aesthetics and usability by investigating the effects of novelty in product appearance on the apparent usability of a product. In two experimental studies using washing machines and digital cameras as stimuli, we systematically manipulated the level of novelty (low vs. high) in the product(More)
UNLABELLED To make optimal use of sustainable energy, domestic electricity consumption should shift to match local supply conditions. Energy management systems (EMS) are a new sustainable technology that can help to disrupt consumers' habits concerning electricity consumption, whilst reinforcing desired behaviours. This research examined the factors that(More)
OBJECTIVES To improve the detection of p53 protein in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded head and neck tumor tissues. DESIGN Cohort. SETTING University and Veterans Administration medical centers. PATIENTS OR OTHER PARTICIPANTS Retrospective samples. INTERVENTION Surgery for head and neck carcinoma. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Retrieval of p53 antigen.(More)
Foam mattress quality affects pressure ulcer risk but no reliable method to assess mattress fatigue and indentation is available. To ascertain Indentation Quality values of standard 14-cm (5-inch) foam mattresses after 15 years of use, a convenience sample of 50 visco-elastic foam mattresses from a total of 1,000 same-brand mattresses used in a Dutch(More)
In order to determine whether or not the p53 gene is involved in the malignant transformation of the head and neck carcinoma HNSCC, we have analyzed archival specimens from 527 primary head and neck lesions and 27 corresponding lymph node metastases. Nuclear p53 protein was present in 107 of 190 (56%) dysplasias, 61 of 102 (60%) carcinoma in situ (CIS), and(More)
The most common complications of cochlear implantation are flap necrosis, compressed or improperly placed electrodes, and facial nerve injury, paresis, or stimulation. We report on three recent complications experienced at our institution: 1) a flap ischemia and partial-thickness necrosis without infection or device exposure, 2) facial nerve stimulation,(More)
Earlier findings have suggested that esthetic appraisal of product appearances is influenced by perceived typicality. However, prior empirical research on typicality and esthetic appraisal of product appearances has not explicitly taken context effects into account. In this paper, we investigate how a specific context influences perceived typicality and(More)