Ruth Muenstermann

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Resistance random access memory, short RRAM, which employs two or more resistive states of a material for data storage, has attracted considerable attention as a highly scalable future non-volatile memory concept. [ 1 , 2 ] These memory cells that can also be described as so-called memristors are particularly interesting when multilevel resistance values or(More)
We used spatially-resolved NEXAFS (near-edge x-ray absorption fine structure) spectroscopy coupled with microscopy to characterize the electronic, structural and chemical properties of bipolar resistive switching devices. Metal/TiO2/metal devices were electroformed with both bias polarities and then physically opened to study the resulting material changes(More)
The need for production assistants will increase in the next years. They will allow to fulfill new factory requirements like the production of small series, the reduction of the innovation cycles and the optimization of the factory workload. The possible components of such a production assistant, dedicated to object manipulation tasks, has been investigated(More)
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