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 The following study was conducted to determine whether there would be an effect on the prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis if both partners in a sexual relationship, rather than only one, underwent screening. First-void urine samples were collected from 1,690 asymptomatic women (mean age, 30 years; range, 15–70 years) and their male sex partners (mean age,(More)
AIMS To study whether employees who disclose a psychiatric diagnosis, such as depression risk stigmatisation and discrimination at the workplace. METHODS Randomised experimental study with 748 managers from German companies incorporating four case vignettes displaying an employee with different 'diagnoses' (depression, burnout, private crisis and thyroid(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite good clinical evidence, depot antipsychotics are only seldom prescribed to patients with first episode schizophrenia. The present study aims at investigating psychiatrists' reasons for this reservation. METHOD We surveyed 198 psychiatrists on their attitude toward offering depot treatment to first episode patients (FEP). Participants(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnostic errors can have tremendous consequences because they can result in a fatal chain of wrong decisions. Experts assume that physicians' desire to confirm a preliminary diagnosis while failing to seek contradictory evidence is an important reason for wrong diagnoses. This tendency is called 'confirmation bias'. METHOD To study whether(More)
This paper discusses the strategic manipulation of stable matching mechanisms. We provide a model of a two-sided matching market, in which a firm hires a worker, and each of them receives non-transferable utility. Assuming that the utilities are randomly drawn from underlying distributions, we measure the likelihood of differences in utilities from(More)
OBJECTIVE In order to choose the best treatment option, physicians have to inform themselves and their patients about both the benefits and risks of available treatment options equally. Our study aims to investigate whether psychiatrists actually do conduct such a balanced information search and presentation. METHOD Psychiatrists' information search and(More)
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