Ruth McKeever

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This paper describes an exploratory empirical study of the effect of named ranges on spreadsheet debugging performance. Named ranges are advocated in both academia and industry, yet no experimental evidence has been cited to back up these recommendations. This paper describes an exploratory experiment involving 21 participants that assesses the performance(More)
Although experts diverge on how best to improve spreadsheet quality, it is generally agreed that more time needs to be spent testing spreadsheets. Ideally, experienced and trained spreadsheet engineers would carry this out, but quite often this is neither practical nor possible. Many spreadsheets are a legacy, developed by staff that have since moved on, or(More)
Practitioners often argue that range names make spreadsheets easier to understand and use, akin to the role of good variable names in traditional programming languages, yet there is no supporting scientific evidence. The authors previously published experiments that disproved this theory in relation to debugging, and now turn their focus to development.(More)
This paper analyses the suitability of certain refactoring methods, in particular those concerning naming, to spreadsheet development, and the effect they can have on both spreadsheet quality and the behaviour of novice end-users. Spreadsheets are normally developed by the end user, and are rarely designed beforehand. They are extremely error prone and(More)
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