Ruth M. Townsley

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The validity of the social phobia subtype distinction was examined in a large sample of carefully diagnosed social phobics (N = 89). Generalized and specific subtypes were diagnosed reliably, and the generalized subtype showed a consistent pattern of greater symptom severity than did the specific subtype. In addition, generalized social phobics with and(More)
The characteristics of social phobia and shyness were compared on six dimensions: somatic features, cognitive characteristics, behavioral responses, daily functioning, clinical course, and onset characteristics. The results revealed that shyness and social phobia have a number of similar features. However, as currently conceptualized, the two syndromes(More)
Children with complex healthcare needs typically require technical and/or medical equipment in the home. This growing group of children and families need support that crosses agency and professional boundaries, necessitating effective multi-agency working. There are many examples of multi-agency working around the United Kingdom (UK), some specifically(More)
Whilst agencies in many sectors have been encouraged to work together to better meet the needs of service users, multi-agency working is now a central feature of government policy. In relation to children's services, the National Service Framework, the English green paper, 'Every Child Matters' (DfES, 2003) and the Children Bill (DfES 2004) give a high(More)
The family environments of Intrafamilial and extrafamilial childhood sexual abuse victims were examined to determine whether characteristics of incestuous families that appear to place children at risk for abuse can also be viewed as risk factors for abuse by a perpetrator outside the family. Participants were 31 college women identified as victims of(More)
BACKGROUND Children with complex healthcare needs are often excluded, both from active involvement in research projects and from direct consultation in services. During a 3-year research study into multi-agency services for children with complex healthcare needs, the authors involved children in a number of innovative ways and endeavoured to discover what(More)
OBJECTIVE To propose an alternative site of thyroid drain placement. BACKGROUND During thyroid surgery, post-operative drains are often placed. It is common practice to bring out the drain lateral to the wound, often creating an additional, unsightly scar. CONCLUSION We have found excellent cosmesis is achieved by bringing out the drain in the midline(More)
Reprinted by permission of Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 6, 23-43, ©1999 Trichotillomania is a disorder characterized by repetitive pulling out of one’s hair. In this paper, we explore the essential elements for effective treatment and propose a comprehensive model for behavioral intervention.(More)
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