Ruth M. Schwerdtfeger

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The fls gene encoding fervidolysin, a keratin-degrading proteolytic enzyme from the thermophilic bacterium Fervidobacterium pennivorans, was isolated using degenerate primers combined with Southern hybridization and inverse polymerase chain reaction. Further sequence characterization demonstrated that the 2.1-kb fls gene encoded a 699-amino-acid(More)
Heat-stable pullulanase from Bacillus acidopullulyticus was characterized with respect to its stability against thermal and chemical denaturation and its reactivation after complete chemical unfolding. The enzyme was quite thermostable and retained 55% of activity after heating at 60°C for 30 min at pH 5.5. At pH 6.0, only 9% residual activity was observed.(More)
The stability of the hexameric glutamate dehydrogenase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus at low pH values has been studied by activity assay, spectroscopic methods, size-exclusion chromatography and ultracentrifugation analysis. The enzyme is exceptionally stable and at pH 2.0 its hexameric assembly is preserved despite the changes(More)
The unfolding and refolding of the extremely heat-stable pullulanase from Pyrococcus woesei has been investigated using guanidinium chloride as denaturant. The monomeric enzyme (90 kDa) was found to be very resistant to chemical denaturation and the transition midpoint for guanidinium chloride-induced unfolding was determined to be 4.86 +/- 0.29 M for(More)
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