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A group of amnesic Korsakoff subjects and a group of alcoholic controls were trained on a test of visual recognition, delayed matching-to-sample with trial unique stimuli. This test was modelled on comparable tasks used in the development of animal models of human amnesia. It was found that the Korsakoff subjects were severely impaired when the task(More)
How do human brain networks react to dynamic changes in the sensory environment? We measured rapid changes in brain network organization in response to brief, discrete, salient auditory stimuli. We estimated network topology and distance parameters in the immediate central response period, <1 s following auditory presentation of standard tones interspersed(More)
We quantify the scaling of magnetic energy density in the inertial range of solar-wind turbulence seen in situ at 1 AU with respect to solar activity. At solar maximum, when the coronal magnetic field is dynamic and topologically complex, we find self-similar scaling in the solar wind, whereas at solar minimum, when the coronal fields are more ordered, we(More)
Although metaphorical and conceptual connections between the human brain and the financial markets have often been drawn, rigorous physical or mathematical underpinnings of this analogy remain largely unexplored. Here, we apply a statistical and graph theoretic approach to the study of two datasets - the time series of 90 stocks from the New York stock(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the use of a commercial dose management system (GE DoseWatch; GEMS, Milwaukee, WI) for CT dose management for six common CT examinations. METHODS Data were acquired over several months using GE DoseWatch for six common CT examinations on three CT scanners. The dose length product (DLP) was taken as the dose indicator. The data were(More)
Hand held radiometers provide a convenient means of monitoring the output of neonatal phototherapy treatment devices as part of planned programs of device maintenance and output monitoring. It was considered appropriate to determine the wavelength and angular response of a selection of such meters and compare their indicated values with that derived from(More)
Extended or generalized similarity is a ubiquitous but not well understood feature of turbulence that is realized over a finite range of scales. The ULYSSES spacecraft solar polar passes at solar minimum provide in situ observations of evolving anisotropic magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the solar wind under ideal conditions of fast quiet flow. We find a(More)
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