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A 64-year-old patient with a prostatic adenocarcinoma presented two well-documented episodes of hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) occurring 8 months apart and resolving without renal sequelae. The temporal relationship between these episodes and the natural progression of the underlying disease as well as the absence of chemotherapy favor the hypothesis of(More)
INTRODUCTION This review summarizes current knowledge on vitamin K for the paediatrician. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin, present in plants as phylloquinone and produced by bacteria as menaquinone. It is acting as a co-factor for gamma-glutamyl carboxylase. This enzyme is responsible for post-translational modification of some glutamate side chains to(More)
Allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis are characterized by a T(H)2-dominated immune response associated with increased serum IgE levels in response to inhaled allergens. Because IgE is a key player in the induction and maintenance of allergic inflammation, it represents a prime target for therapeutic intervention. However, our understanding(More)
INTRODUCTION With the recent epidemic in childhood obesity, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has become an emerging problem and a common cause of chronic liver disease in children. METHODS In this review, the most recent insights on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, natural history, and treatment of NAFLD in children are discussed.
BACKGROUND/AIMS The United Kingdom (UK) acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) 97/99 clinical trial compared 6-mercaptopurine (6MP) with 6-thioguanine (6TG) as maintenance therapy for childhood ALL. Review of interim results has led to discontinuation of the 6TG arm. METHODS We report six children with ALL, who presented with splenomegaly after a median(More)
AIM Monocentric retrospective paediatric study describing indications for gastrostomy and major complications, compared to literature data as part of a quality check. METHODS Records of all gastrostomy patients consulting at the UZ Ghent paediatric gastro-enterology department between January 2007-December 2009 were reviewed in December 2010 regarding(More)
Calcineurin inhibitors (CNI), used frequently in solid organ transplant patients, are known to inhibit T cell proliferation, but their effect on humoral immunity is far less studied. Total and naive B cells from healthy adult donors were cultured in immunoglobulin (Ig)A- or IgG/IgE-promoting conditions with increasing doses of cyclosporin, tacrolimus,(More)
We present the medium-term results of 33 patients treated with Urolume Plus urethral stent between August 1990 and June 1996 in 9 Belgian and Luxembourg centers. They all had previous treatments for bulbo-membranous urethral stricture, but without sustained benefit (dilatation, internal urethrotomy, or/and urethroplasty). The mean age of the stricture was(More)