Ruth M Harper-Arabie

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Ion-exchange experiments were performed to evaluate the formation of the uranium-citrate and uranium-iron-citrate complexes over a wide concentration range; i.e., environmentally relevant concentrations (e.g., 10(-6) M in metal and ligand) and concentrations useful for spectroscopic investigations (e.g., 10(-4) M in metal and ligand). The stability of the(More)
The primary objective of this research was to determine if the genotype of the enzymes glucose phosphate isomerase (Gpi), phosphoglucomutase (Pgm), or mannose phosphate isomerase (Mpi) are factors affecting survival during acute endosulfan, fluoranthene, and chromium(VI) exposures. Palaemonetes pugio were exposed in the laboratory to 6.3 microg/L(More)
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