Ruth M. Campbell

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Alterations of sound transfer function of the lung in pre-congested and congested states were studied in a canine model as an index of the accumulation of lung liquids. Pulmonary congestion was produced by graduated inflations of a balloon in the left atrium. Different degrees of pulmonary congestion were documented by post-mortem wet to dry lung weight(More)
BACKGROUND Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has an estimated worldwide prevalence of 1%. It is one of the leading causes of chronic morbidity in the developed world, but little is known about the disease burden in Africa. RA is often seen as a minor health problem and has been neglected in research and resource allocation throughout Africa despite potentially(More)
Understanding the immigrant experience accessing healthcare is essential to improving their health. This qualitative study reports on experiences seeking healthcare for three groups of immigrants in Toronto, Canada: permanent residents, refugee claimants and undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants who are on the Canadian Border Services Agency(More)
Pressure-sensitive ventilator disconnection alarms may fail to function correctly when used with discharging compliance ventilators such as the Manley Blease. The increase in gas flow on disconnection generates raised pressure owing to the resistance provided by components of the breathing system. Thirty-four anaesthetists, who were unaware of the nature of(More)
I n late 2011, the Expert Panel on Canada' s Strategic Role in Global Health (herein: the panel) selected a global health defi nition for Canada. This decision is signifi cant as the chosen defi nition forms the foundation of the panels forthcoming recomended role for Canada in global health. In turn, the global health community can draw lessons from(More)
We present hybrid maps of the A and B images of 0957+561 from each of four sessions of 6 cm VLBI observations that span the six-year interval 1987–1993. The inner-and outer-jets are clearly detected and confirm the structures reported previously. There is no evidence of change in the separation between the core and inner-jet components, so the prospect of(More)
An on-line multidimensional supercritical fluid extraction/microcolumn liquid chromatography/capillary gas chromatography system (SFE/LC/GC) has been developed and applied to the quantitative determination of trace levels (parts per billion) of chlorpyrifos insecticide in grass field samples. This system provides all the advantages of an on-line(More)