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The Turn to Affect: A Critique
In this essay I plan to discuss the general turn to affect, particularly the turn to the neurosciences of emotion, that has recently taken place in the humanities and social sciences.2 The rise ofExpand
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Trauma: A Genealogy
Psychic trauma is one of the most frequently invoked ideas in the behavioural sciences and the humanities today. Yet bitter disputes have marked the discussion of trauma ever since it first became anExpand
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The Ascent of Affect: Genealogy and Critique
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The Mystery of Courage
Few of us spend much time thinking about courage, but we know it when we see it - or do we? Is it best displayed by marching into danger, making the charge, or by resisting, enduring withoutExpand
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Mead's Voices: Imitation as Foundation, or, the Struggle against Mimesis
  • Ruth Leys
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  • 1 January 1993
Apres avoir souligne les vicissitudes du paradigme de l'imitation-suggestion dans l'histoire de la pensee sociale americaine, l'auteur se livre a une etude critique des travaux de G.H.Mead.
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Both of Us Disgusted in My Insula
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IIAffect and Intention: A Reply to William E. Connolly
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Types of One: Adolf Meyer's Life Chart and the Representation of Individuality
We are all "individuals" and we are alike only in one fact, in the fact that we are all different. I am often reminded of a little joke that was made on me by a friend of mine in Chicago who thoughtExpand
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Death Masks: Kardiner and Ferenczi on Psychic Trauma
Ifind myselffor a moment in the interesting position of not knowing whether what I have to say should be regarded as something long familiar and obvious or as something entirely new and puzzling. ButExpand
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