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In “directed improvisation; users give computer characters abstract directions that establish a skeletal structure for and other weak constraints on their behavior. The characters improvise a course of behavior that follows the structure, meets the constraints, and achieves other application-specific objectives. Thus, characters perform as directed, but(More)
The immunodominant ovalbumin257-264 (OVA-8, SIINFEKL) and herpes simplex virus gB496-503 (HSV-8, SSIEFARL) peptides share 50% amino acid identity (residues P1, P3, P5 and P8) and bind with comparable efficacy to the murine MHC-encoded class I molecule H-2Kb. However, these two peptides bind differently to H-2Kbm8, a natural H-2Kb variant with a substitution(More)
Children love to pretend, to enter the world of makebelieve. Through stories and dramatic play activities, like puppetry, children become a part of this imaginative world. The Improvisational Puppets system provides an interactive storycrafting environment where children can project themselves into story situations, share the moods and emotions of the(More)
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