Ruth Hinrichs

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Spicules of calcareous sponges are elaborately shaped skeletal elements that nonetheless show characteristics of calcite single-crystals. Our atomic force microscopic and transmission electron microscopic investigation of the triradiate spicules of the sponge Pericharax heteroraphis reveals a nano-cluster structure with mostly well-aligned small crystal(More)
INTRODUCTION This qualitative study investigated the effect of N(2)(+) and Ar(+) ion implantation on morphologic alterations and fatigue resistance in Pro Taper S1 NiTi (Dentsply-Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland) rotary instruments. METHODS Instruments were divided into three groups: N(2)(+) implanted, Ar(+) implanted, and unmodified control group. All(More)
Modifications of cotton and polyester textiles due to shots fired at short range were analyzed with a variable pressure scanning electron microscope (VP-SEM). Different mechanisms of fiber rupture as a function of fiber type and shooting distance were detected, namely fusing, melting, scorching, and mechanical breakage. To estimate the firing distance, the(More)
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