Ruth Hardy

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This paper presents a Hoare-style logic for reasoning about the frequency response of control systems in the continuous-time domain. Two properties, the gain (amplitude) and phase shift, of a control system are considered. These properties are for a sinusoidal input of variable frequency. The logic operates over a simplified form of block diagram, including(More)
We introduce control engineering as a new domain of application for formal methods. We discuss design verification, drawing attention to the role played by diagrammatic evaluation criteria involving numeric plots of a design, such as Nichols and Bode plots. We show that symbolic computation and computational logic can be used to discharge these criteria and(More)
Real number theorem proving has many uses, particularly for verification of safety critical systems and systems for which design errors may be costly. We discuss a chain of developments building on real number theorem proving in PVS. This leads from the verification of aspects of an air traffic control system, through work on the integration of computer(More)
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