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Septate and tight junctions are thought to seal neighboring cells together and to function as barriers between epithelial cells. We have characterized a novel member of the neurexin family, Neurexin IV (NRX), which is localized to septate junctions (SJs) of epithelial and glial cells. NRX is a transmembrane protein with a cytoplasmic domain homologous to(More)
In holometabolous development, higher insects have two different life forms, the larva and the imago. Both larval and imaginal cells are derived from cells of the blastoderm stage. After the final embryonic wave of mitosis, however, only the imaginal cells remain diploid, proliferate massively and do not differentiate until metamorphosis. The separation of(More)
By marking cells of early gastrula stage embryos, we showed that in embryos mutant for a strong tll allele the fate map is shifted posteriorly and the hindgut anlage is deleted. We therefore used aspects of hindgut development to characterize the phenotype of new and previously described tll alleles. In embryos mutant for the various alleles, relative(More)
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