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We reviewed longitudinal nail biopsies performed at Henry Ford Hospital on patients with acquired nail dystrophies to see whether the procedure did, indeed, provide useful diagnostic information and to see which microscopic features were most helpful in histopathologic diagnosis. Clinical diagnoses included psoriasis, lichen planus, Darier's disease,(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Wound complications constitute a diverse array of surgical and dermatologic entities. We sought to describe the clinical and pathologic attributes of a series of patients in whom a distinctive thoracic surgical wound eruption developed after coronary bypass grafting. METHODS We performed a detailed chart review, including history,(More)
In a previous study we found that only half of those patients presenting with cutaneous sarcoidal granulomas have evidence of systemic involvement. The current study was designed to determine whether abnormal angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) levels were predictive of multisystem disease. Serum ACE levels were determined in 15 patients with active(More)
Pruritus remains a significant complication of end-stage renal disease. Its cause in hemodialysis patients is not known. It has been postulated that increased numbers of mast cells occur in these patients and may account for the presence of pruritus. Our objective was to determine if there is a difference in the number of cutaneous mast cells between(More)