Ruth H Harrell

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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis incidence in the UK has risen in the past decade. Disease control depends on epidemiological data, which can be difficult to obtain. Whole-genome sequencing can detect microevolution within Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains. We aimed to estimate the genetic diversity of related M tuberculosis strains in the UK Midlands and to(More)
BACKGROUND Winter deaths are a known health and social care challenge for many countries. A previous international comparison showed significant differences in excess winter deaths across Europe in the 1990s, with the northern countries having lower excess winter mortality than those in southern Europe. METHODS The Excess Winter Deaths Index (EWDI) is the(More)
Service evaluation of a community-based healthy lifestyle programme, designed for families aimed at preventing obesity. Physiological and behaviour measures were recorded at the beginning and end of the programme. Out of a total of 454 participants, 358 (79%) completed. From these completers 293 (64%) were analysed as there was sufficient data. The use of(More)
BACKGROUND The UK government has proposed major changes to the Public Health system in England. This study aims quantify increasing anecdotal concern that the number of Public Health consultant posts advertised has plummeted since the publication of these plans. METHODS The archives of BMJ careers were interrogated for hospital and Public Health(More)
French, David Kent. M.S.C.E., Purdue University, August, 1968. A SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE FOR MAJOR THOROUGHFARE PLANNING IN SMALL URBAN AREAS. Major Professor: Harold L. Mi c h a e 1 . The need for a simplified planning procedure for small urban areas stems from two facts: (1) the cost of the homeinterview origin destination survey is proportionately much more(More)
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