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Identical measures of social ties obtained from three community-based cohorts aged 65 and over from East Boston, MA; New Haven, CT; and two rural counties in Iowa permit the first direct cross-community comparison of the hypothesis that social isolation increases 5-year mortality risks (1982 to 1987) for older men and women. In sex-specific proportional(More)
Women, Terrorism and Trauma in Italian Culture, by Ruth Glynn, provides a sustained analysis of the impact of women's participation in the armed terrorist violence in Italy during the so-called Anni di piombo ('Years of Lead'). 1 Through the prism of trauma theory and cultural studies, Glynn identifies the diverse ways in which during the 1970s and 1990s(More)
The Autobiographical Memory Test (AMT) is widely used in research contexts to measure the extent to which participants (children or adults) report specific or general memories in response to cue words. Recalling fewer specific and more general memories (overgeneral memory) has been shown to be linked to depression in adults, but findings for youth, in(More)
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