Ruth G. Lennon

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  • R. G. Lennon
  • 2012
Supporting modern workers and learners requires a shift in attitude of IT managers worldwide. Movement to bring your own device with further resources on the cloud seems inevitable. However despite the trend toward mobility and flexibility in IT there is a significant requirement for BYOD users to re-evaluate their attitude toward the security of their own(More)
Tools emerge as the result of necessity - a job needs to be done, automated, and scaled. In the ""early days" - compilers, code management, bug tracking, and the like - resulted in mostly local home-grown tools - and when broadly successful - spawn (from either industry or university origins) independent tools companies - for example Klocwork from Nortel(More)
The explosion of Cloud computing propaganda has forced many companies to quickly move towards this new technology. Particularly given the current economic climate it seems like a prudent way to dynamically increase and decrease infrastructure at low cost. However, past experience with SOA has taught us that lack of commercial adaption and a proliferation of(More)
Cloud computing is the latest technology evolution and potential silver bullet, and there is both great expectation and fear to what consequences these technologies might cause. Based on the experience with the lack of adoption of SOA among the general development community the recommendation is to make sure that the development community engage in how(More)
It is not surprising that businesses are moving toward data storage on the cloud. Legal issues surrounding data storage on the cloud are becoming more complex. Changes to National and European Laws have wide ranging impact on the storage of data in the cloud. Legal issues need to be addressed carefully in order to review the ramifications of governance of(More)
Many web systems developers have completed education in basic web site development. The evolution of web systems to include interfaces to legacy systems exposed through web services requires a shift in the developers design process. Web system developers of 2012 and onward have to be aware of many issues regarding legacy systems, security, performance,(More)
Given that cloud computing is still one of, if not <i>the</i> most hyped buzzword in technology these days, we think it is important to bring the community of developers together to discuss and share the initial experiences in building the cloud solutions that makes the most sense in todays reality. According to NIST[2], the four deployment models of cloud(More)
Many companies are now surfing the cloud in order to generate renewed interested in their companies. Buzzwords have increasingly gained importance in marketing of on-line services. In this poster researchers in education and implementers in industry will work together to outline the major issues that are prevalent in the implementation of cloud systems. The(More)