Ruth Fairclough

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Three genes encoding granule-bound starch synthase (wx-TmA, wx-TsB, and wx-TtD) have been isolated from Triticum monococcum (AA), and Triticum speltoides (BB), by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) approach, and from Triticum tauschii (DD), by screening a genomic DNA library. Multiple sequence alignment indicated that the wx-TmA, wx-TsB, and wx-TtD genes(More)
Parturition in sheep is initiated by a sharp rise in the rate of secretion of cortisol by the fetal adrenal. Increased secretion is due partly to enhanced responsiveness to corticotropin (ACTH) and partly to increased fetal concentrations of corticotropin. Cortisol acts on placental enzymes active in the biosynthesis of oestrogens from progesterone. Thus(More)
Hyperlinks between academic web sites, like citations, can potentially be used to map disciplinary structures and identify evidence of connections between disciplines. In this paper we classified a sample of links originating in three different disciplines: maths, physics and sociology. Links within a discipline were found to be different in character to(More)
Embryos were collected from ewes on Day 6 after estrus (Day 0 = estrus), placed in M2 culture medium, and assigned to 1 of 4 treatment groups. Some embryos were transferred to recipient ewes on Day 6 of their estrous cycle either in pairs (group 1) or singularly (group 2) within 3 h of collection. The remaining embryos were individually cultured for 48 h in(More)
Feral does of various ages were treated with intravaginal progestagen sponges for 16 days to synchronize oestrus. On Day 2 before sponge removal the goats were given 1200 i.u. PMSG to induce superovulation: 6 of the goats were also injected every 12 h with flunixin meglumine, a prostaglandin (PG) synthetase inhibitor, from Day 3 to 7 of the synchronized(More)
Mike Thelwall Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Wolverhampton, Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1LY, UK. Tel. +44 1902 321470. Fax +44 1902 321478, Email: Ruth Fairclough Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of(More)
Increased matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-9 proteolytic activity is associated with term birth, preterm birth and premature rupture of membranes. However, most studies show no changes with MMP-2, which binds tightly to cell and matrix proteins. We hypothesized better protein extraction would reveal new MMP patterns. Human amnion and chorion were collected(More)
The 330 Merino ewes used in the study were placed with rams at a synchronized oestrus and, on Days 2-14 after mating, the ewes were placed in a feed lot and fed daily a low, medium or high ration (25%, 100% or 200% of maintenance respectively). Progesterone supplement was given to some ewes on Days 8-14 after mating by using a device containing 340 mg(More)
Although various citation-based indicators are commonly used to help research evaluations, there are ongoing controversies about their value. In response, they are often correlated with quality ratings or with other quantitative indicators in order to partly assess their validity. When correlations are calculated for sets of publications from multiple(More)