Ruth Emerson

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In recent decades the rate and geographic extent of land-use and land-cover change has increased throughout the world's humid tropical forests. The pan-tropical geography of forest change is a challenge to assess, and improved estimates of the human footprint in the tropics are critical to understanding potential changes in biodiversity. We combined(More)
Annual estimates of the influenza disease burden provide information to evaluate programs and allocate resources. We used a multiplier method with routine population-based surveillance data on influenza hospitalization in the United States to correct for under-reporting and estimate the burden of influenza for seasons after the 2009 pandemic. Five sites of(More)
Factors influencing woody savanna vegetation structure across a land-use gradient of intensity (highly and lightly utilized communal rangeland) and type (national protected area, private game reserve and communal rangelands) were investigated. Small-footprint discrete return LiDAR data (1.12 m point spacing) from the Carnegie Airborne Observatory (CAO)(More)
The uniflagellate aquatic phycomycete Blastocladia ramosa appears to be a facultative anaerobe. Blastocladia pringsheimii requires traces of oxygen. Growth of both species is no greater or only slightly greater at normal atmospheric oxygen pressure than under 0.2 percent oxygen pressure, but their growth is enhanced by the addition of 5 or 20 percent carbon(More)
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