Ruth E S Allen

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UNLABELLED HEADLINE: This is a longitudinal study of a cohort of primigravidae recruited between 1985 and 1987 and followed up 7 and 15 years later. Pelvic floor neurophysiology was performed and questionnaires were administered to determine the natural history of stress incontinence and to establish whether pelvic floor denervation after the first delivery(More)
PURPOSE This study illuminates the concept of "aging in place" in terms of functional, symbolic, and emotional attachments and meanings of homes, neighbourhoods, and communities. It investigates how older people understand the meaning of "aging in place," a term widely used in aging policy and research but underexplored with older people themselves. (More)
The disabilities associated with psychiatric illnesses can be separated into six cognitive levels that can be identified by functions the patient is able to perform, by the types of assistance required to compensate for dysfunctions, and by the social dysfunction observed in home and work environments. These cognitive levels can be used to measure the(More)
Resilience is a concept of growing interest in relation to older people and within the context of population ageing. In this paper we explore older people's understandings and experiences of resilience, drawing on interviews and participant-led focus groups with 121 older people living in two case-study communities in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Close reading of(More)
A sense of belonging or attachment to place is believed to help maintain a sense of identity and well-being, and to facilitate successful adjustments in old age. Older people in particular have been shown to draw meaning and security from the places in which they live. Qualitative data from multiple conversational interviews held over the period of a year(More)
OBJECTIVE Integrated mental health care (IMHC) is a community-based model that considers the patient and informal carers to be the major contributors to stable recovery from severe mental health problems. This study investigates the implementation of IMHC by 35 New Zealand practitioners 1 year after being trained in the model. It also explores their(More)
In C. Reading (Ed.), Data and context in statistics education: Towards an evidence-based society. A challenge for statistics educators is to maximise the effectiveness of service teaching to non-statisticians in order to create successful end-users of statistics, build research capability and to raise the profile of statistics within the wider community. In(More)
PURPOSE Older people are seen as needing to receive support from other people as they age. But what are the experiences and expectations older people have of being "support receivers"? DESIGN AND METHODS Community-dwelling childless elders (n = 38, aged 63-93) were interviewed about their experiences and expectations of support, as they comprise a group(More)
Twenty-four patients receiving ECT were systematically studied to compare the effects of two dosages of atropine and two dosages of glycopyrrolate as preanesthetic agents. Glycopyrrolate resulted in more cardiac arrhythmias, nausea and vomiting, and episodes of bradycardia than atropine (p = .4). More patients receiving atropine showed post-ECT confusion,(More)