Ruth E S Allen

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UNLABELLED HEADLINE: This is a longitudinal study of a cohort of primigravidae recruited between 1985 and 1987 and followed up 7 and 15 years later. Pelvic floor neurophysiology was performed and questionnaires were administered to determine the natural history of stress incontinence and to establish whether pelvic floor denervation after the first delivery(More)
PURPOSE This study illuminates the concept of "aging in place" in terms of functional, symbolic, and emotional attachments and meanings of homes, neighbourhoods, and communities. It investigates how older people understand the meaning of "aging in place," a term widely used in aging policy and research but underexplored with older people themselves. (More)
Despite a general impression to the contrary, a recent survey showed that the current mortality rate for acute arterial ischemia approximates 25%. Much of this apparently relates to toxins and procoagulants released from the dying limb, a tendency which may be enhanced further by attempts at revascularization. Based on these observations, we have utilized(More)
A case of an unusual tumor occurring in the head of the pancreas is presented. Definitive diagnosis could not be made, the lesion being either a low grade myxofibrosarcoma or a benign fibrous histiocytoma. The literature is discussed and several cases believed to be pancreatic sarcomata are presented, only one of which was definitely of pancreatic origin.(More)
Resilience is a concept of growing interest in relation to older people and within the context of population ageing. In this paper we explore older people's understandings and experiences of resilience, drawing on interviews and participant-led focus groups with 121 older people living in two case-study communities in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Close reading of(More)
We report a new method for lymphadenectomy, the minilaparotomy (inguinal) pelvic lymph node dissection (MLPLND), and compare it with laparoscopic pelvic lymph node dissection (LPLND) in terms of cost, effectiveness, operation time and morbidity. We reviewed a series of 111 consecutive patients: 51 had MLPLND and 60 had LPLND. All patients had proved(More)
A sense of belonging or attachment to place is believed to help maintain a sense of identity and well-being, and to facilitate successful adjustments in old age. Older people in particular have been shown to draw meaning and security from the places in which they live. Qualitative data from multiple conversational interviews held over the period of a year(More)