Ruth E. Hughes

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We investigated the myosin expression profile in prostate cancer cell lines and found that Myo1b, Myo9b, Myo10, and Myo18a were expressed at higher levels in cells with high metastatic potential. Moreover, Myo1b and Myo10 were expressed at higher levels in metastatic tumors. Using an siRNA-based approach, we found that knockdown of each myosin resulted in(More)
Incubation of porcine leukocytes with [1-14C]-15-hydroperoxyeicosapentaenoic acid (15-HPEPE) results in the formation of a group of polar metabolites which after separation and purification by RP-HPLC and SP-HPLC were found to be a series of new compounds containing three hydroxy groups and four conjugated double bonds. The structures of these new(More)
T-cell adhesion is mediated by an ICAM-1/LFA-1 interaction; this interaction plays a crucial role in T-cell activation during immune response. LBE peptide, which is derived from the beta-subunit of LFA-1, has been shown to inhibit ICAM-1/LFA-1-mediated T-cell adhesion. In this work, we studied the solution conformations of LBE peptide and its reverse(More)
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