Ruth E. H. Wertz

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We examined changes in engineering students’ perceived challenges during a semester-long design project to identify the most salient challenges they experienced and when they occurred. We hypothesized that patterns in students’ perceived challenges in key areas would take the form of multiple, overlapping waves reflective of the desire to stabilize the(More)
Information gathering is a very important aspect of the design process, one that is used continuously throughout the project to make informed design decisions. This study reports the development of an authentic instrument used to assess skills related to information gathering in first-year engineering students. Existing assessment tools, such as the(More)
Design teams are commonly formed in engineering courses with the assumption that diversity leads to more innovative solutions. However, the literature indicates that this assumption is conditional, based on factors such as team effectiveness and how diversity is defined. Additionally, prior research has focused on expert teams, rather than the novice teams(More)
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