Ruth E Dunkle

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Issues related to psychological recovery following coronary bypass surgeries (CABG) have emerged in recent years. Other research has shown the effects of spiritual or religious activities on health and aging. However, little is known about the relationship of spiritual coping, including religious coping, to post-CABG adjustment. This study addressed(More)
While a number of organizations and government entities have encouraged the development of more "age-friendly" environments, to date there has been limited research linking these environment features to elder outcomes. Using a representative sample of older adults living in Detroit, this study examined the association between age-friendly environment(More)
Currently there is limited evidence linking age-friendly characteristics to outcomes in elders. Using a representative sample of 1,376 adults aged 60 and older living in Detroit, this study examined the association between age-friendly social and physical environmental characteristics and the expectation to age in place, and the potential differences(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the factors associated with urban African American elders' utilization of home and community-based services and explore whether these factors differ by category of service. METHODS Data came from a representative sample of 1,099 African American older adults living in Detroit. Logistic regression models were used to explore the(More)
OBJECTIVE The social networks of older individuals reflect personal life history and cultural factors. Despite these two sources of variation, four similar network types have been identified in Europe, North America, Japan, and China: namely 'restricted', 'family', 'friend', and 'diverse'. This study identified the social network types of Korean older(More)
The main determinants of rehospitalization of elderly people were studied with a longitudinal sample of 264 persons older than 60 years at a midwestern, urban, university-affiliated hospital. Path analysis was applied to survey data collected for this study. Seventeen percent of subjects were readmitted within 30 days of discharge. Controlling for health(More)
Current advances in discharge planning have focused on comprehensive assessment, levels of care, and reducing the length of hospital stays. However, evidence also indicates the importance of involving patients and their families in making decisions about long-term care. This article identifies nine factors related to the patients' involvement in decision(More)
The purpose of this pilot study was to assess the attenuating effects of physical, psychological, and social resources on the relationship between stress and mental health among the oldest old. Physical resources include perceived health and independence in functional and instrumental activities of daily living, while psychological resources include(More)
This research examined the role of self-care behavior of 151 patients (aged 40 to 80) on general psychological distress at one year after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. A tested hypothesis was that self-care practices would be associated with a lower level of distress one year after surgery. The results supported the beneficial effect of(More)
This research investigated gender differences in psychological adjustment among patients (112 males, 39 females) one year after coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG). Information regarding post-CABG depression, non-cardiac chronic conditions, and socioeconomic variables were obtained from a survey. Additional cardiac, surgical, and demographic data(More)