Ruth Davidson

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BACKGROUND Evidence suggests that Internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may be as effective as face-to-face delivery for depression, but attrition and engagement rates remain a challenge. OBJECTIVE This service-based study aimed to evaluate an online, therapist-supported, CBT-based program for depression. The program was specifically(More)
Distance-based phylogenetic algorithms attempt to solve the NP-hard least-squares phylogeny problem by mapping an arbitrary dissimilarity map representing biological data to a tree metric. The set of all dissimilarity maps is a Euclidean space properly containing the space of all tree metrics as a polyhedral fan. Outputs of distance-based tree(More)
Geometric lattices are characterized as those finite, atomic lattices such that every atom ordering induces a lexico-graphic shelling given by an edge labeling known as a minimal labeling. Equivalently, geometric lattices are shown to be exactly those finite lattices such that every ordering on the join-irreducibles induces a lexicographic shelling. This(More)
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