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Summary form only given. We present a handover pre-selection strategy, service advertisement and service selection. The handover strategy is used to accomplish seamless cross-network handovers, which supports WLAN and HMIP cells. Users are allowed to select the services from different service providers by the use of service selection algorithm with a call(More)
Algorithms and procedures to monitor human head motions based on three vision models (CIECAM'97, RETINA, and BMV) and detection of local facial landmarks are presented. They are evaluated on video image sequences monitoring the head positions of subjects (n=5) with different skin colours. The range of illumination conditions for high performance of the(More)
A motion correction system for brain tomography is presented, which employs two calibrated video cameras and three vision models (CIECAM'97, RETINA, and BMV). The system is evaluated on the pictures monitoring a subjects head while simulating PET scanning (n=12) and on the face images of subjects with different skin colours (n=31). The results on 2D images(More)
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