Ruth Charney

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Recently, right-angled Artin groups have attracted much attention in geometric group theory. They have a rich structure of subgroups and nice algorithmic properties, and they give rise to cubical complexes with a variety of applications. This survey article is meant to introduce readers to these groups and to give an overview of the relevant literature.(More)
A Garside group is a group admitting a finite lattice generating set D. Using techniques developed by Bestvina for Artin groups of finite type, we construct K(π, 1)s for Garside groups. This construction shows that the (co)homology of any Garside group G is easily computed given the lattice D, and there is a simple sufficient condition that implies G is a(More)
This paper concerns the homotopy type of hyperplane arrangements associated to infinite Coxeter groups acting as reflection groups on C n. A long-standing conjecture states that the complement of such an arrangement should be aspherical. Some partial results on this conjecture were previously obtained by the author and M. Davis. In this paper, we extend(More)
T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T Abstract A building is a simplicial complex with a covering by Coxeter complexes (called apartments) satisfying certain combinatorial conditions. A building whose apartments are spherical (respectively Euclidean) Coxeter complexes has a natural piecewise spherical (respectively Euclidean) metric with nice geometric properties.(More)