Ruth Chamorro Petersen

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Effects of subanesthetic doses of ketamine (0.25 and 0.5 mg/kg) on memory, cognition, psychomotor function, subjective moods, and incidence of adverse reactions were investigated in 34 healthy young volunteers. The drug caused impairment of immediate and delayed recall. Most of the impairment was due to interference with retrieval processes. Recovery was(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence of hospitalizations during pregnancy, the reason for hospitalization, the length of stay, and the associated costs. METHODS We analyzed data from a national managed care organization and determined the occurrence of hospitalizations for 46,179 women who had a live birth or a pregnancy loss in 1997. RESULTS Overall,(More)
Objectives: Despite the scope of violence against women and its importance for reproductive health, very few scientific data about the relationship between violence and reproductive health issues are available. Methods: The current knowledge base for several issues specific to violence and reproductive health, including association of violence with(More)
Environmental enrichment (EE) results in improved learning and spatial memory, as well as attenuates morphological changes resulting from cerebral ischemia in adult animals. This study examined the effects of daily EE on memory deficits in the water maze and cerebral damage, assessed in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, caused by neonatal(More)
PURPOSE This study investigates: 1) perceptions of clergy regarding their current counseling and the need for future programs concerning sexual risk-taking, 2) sexual risk behaviors among a group of African-American women, 3) women's attitudes regarding condom use, and 4) women's receptiveness to church programs regarding sexual risks. METHODS The clergy(More)
INTRODUCTION Routine screening for intimate partner violence (IPV) is endorsed by numerous health professional organizations. Screening rates in health care settings, however, remain low. In this article, we present a review of studies focusing on provider-specific barriers to screening for IPV and interventions designed to increase IPV screening in(More)
To investigate women's perceptions of motivators and barriers to seeking help or accessing intimate partner violence (IPV), services six focus groups were conducted in rural and urban settings in North Carolina between June and August of 2002. Coding and theme analysis were used to summarize themes among the 67 focus group participants. The majority of(More)
This study examined whether intendedness is a valued characteristic of pregnancy and what factors influence women to risk unintended (unwanted or mistimed) pregnancy. Study participants were 24-34 weeks pregnant, White or Black, aged 18-30, and receiving prenatal care from a publicly funded clinic in North Carolina. Information gathered from 8 focus group(More)
Understanding the perspectives of women who have experienced IPV will allow us to identify specific techniques of addressing IPV that increase patient comfort and willingness to disclose and/or seek help. Our study objective was to identify what advice women who had experienced IPV would give health providers regarding how to ask about and discuss the issue(More)