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1. L-glutamic acid reversibly inhibits the contractions of isolated circular muscle preparations from different body regions of the sea anemone Actinia equina to electrical stimulation.2. L-glutamic acid does not cause inhibition of contraction by conversion to ammonia or gamma-amino-butyric acid, but appears to act on a glutamate receptor.3. It is(More)
  • 1963
Neostigmine (2.2 mug/ml.) or physostigmine (3.3 mug/ml.) contracted guinea-pig isolated tracheal chains. The anticholinesterase diisopropylphosphodiamidic fluoride (mipafox) itself caused no contractile response even in concentrations of 100 mug/ml., yet neostigmine or physostigmine still caused contractions after treatment with mipafox. The responses were(More)
The Department of Health published a new health information strategy in May 2012. The document provides a framework for health information in England over the next 10 years. Health information developments in England, however, do not mirror developments in other parts of the United Kingdom. This article is a personal reflection on the new health information(More)