Ruth Brucker

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The very large collection area of ground-based gamma-ray telescopes gives them a substantial advantage over balloon or satellite based instruments in the detection of very-high-energy (>600 GeV) cosmic-ray electrons. Here we present the electron spectrum derived from data taken with the High Energy Stereoscopic System (H.E.S.S.) of imaging atmospheric(More)
The geometric properties of the di-meron solution to the SU (2) Yang-Mills equations are studied in detail. The essential geometric structure of this solution is that of a locally symmetric space endowed with a Riemannian structure which is conformally flat. The di-meron solution is representable by an integrable 3-distribution over Euclidean 4-space. The(More)
Complementation between mutants impaired in inorganic phosphate (Pi) transport via the phosphate-specific transport (PST) system was studied. For that purpose the transport of Pi via the alternative Pi transport (PIT) system was bioenergetically arrested. Complementation was found betweenpstB andphoT mutations, whereas each of these mutations failed to(More)
The periplasmic phosphate binding protein is a product of the phoS gene and is an essential component of the phosphate specific transport (PST) system, which mediates Pi uptake in Escherichia coli. The binding of Pi to periplasmic protein(s) and the kinetic parameters of Pi uptake were studied in phoT and pstB mutants of E. coli. These mutants are impaired(More)
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