Ruth Bowness

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OBJECTIVES The relationship between cfu and Mycobacterial Growth Indicator Tube (MGIT) time to positivity (TTP) is uncertain. We attempted to understand this relationship and create a mathematical model to relate these two methods of determining mycobacterial load. METHODS Sequential bacteriological load data from clinical trials determined by MGIT and(More)
A single session of exercise several hours before a high-fat meal reduces postprandial lipemia. The purpose of the present study was to test the hypothesis that this effect is independent of substrate metabolism during exercise. Twelve men aged 21 to 36 years underwent three oral fat tolerance tests with intervals of at least 1 week. On one occasion, only(More)
By using a systems-based approach, mathematical and computational techniques can be used to develop models that describe the important mechanisms involved in infectious diseases. An iterative approach to model development allows new discoveries to continually improve the model and ultimately increase the accuracy of predictions.SIR models are used to(More)
If improvements are to be made in tuberculosis (TB) treatment, an increased understanding of disease in the lung is needed. Studies have shown that bacteria in a less metabolically active state, which is associated with the presence of lipid bodies, are less susceptible to antibiotics, and recent results have highlighted the disparity in concentration of(More)
Collaborative projects between Industry and Academia provide excellent opportunities for learning. Throughout the academic year 2014-2015 undergraduates from the School of Arts, Media and Computer Games at Abertay University worked with academics from the Infection Group at the University of St Andrews and industry partners Microsoft and DeltaDNA. The(More)
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