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How probable is probable? A numerical translation of verbal probability expressions
The reported experiment took place in a professional forecasting organization accustomed to giving verbal probability assessments. Expand
The project fragmentation problem in personal information management
The project fragmentation problem in personal information management occurs when someone who is working on a single project stores and retrieves information items relating to that project from separate format-related collections (documents, emails and favorite Web sites) when the interface design encourages it. Expand
Hypothesis Evaluation from a Bayesian Perspective.
Bayesian inference provides a general framework for evaluating hypotheses. It is a normative method in the sense of prescribing how hypotheses should be evaluated. However, it may also be usedExpand
Improved search engines and navigation preference in personal information management
We evaluate whether recent improvements indesktop search have changed this fundamental aspect of PersonalInformation Management (PIM). We tested this in two studies usingthe same questionnaire: (a) The Windows Studya longitudinalcomparison of Google Desktop and Windows XP SearchCompanion, and (b) The Mac Studya large scale comparison of MacSpotlight and Sherlock. Expand
Perceived consequences of risky behaviors: Adults and adolescents.
Adult and adolescent Ss were asked to list possible consequences of either accepting or declining opportunities to engage in various potentially risky behaviors (e.g., drinking and driving, skippingExpand
Risk taking in adolescence: A decision-making perspective
Abstract A decision-making perspective is used to review and analyze the literature on risk taking in adolescence. The advantages of such an approach are demonstrated, and then it is applied to someExpand
The user-subjective approach to personal information management systems
In this article we suggest a user-subjective approach to Personal Information Management (PIM) system design. Expand
The Influence of Personality on Social Participation in Learning Environments
Abstract The impacts of the instructional environment (classroom vs. Web-based instructional environment—WBIE) and personality differences on students' social participation were examined among 214Expand