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Doing data: The status of transcripts in Conversation Analysis
This article discusses the status of transcripts in Conversation Analysis. Repeatedly, the function and the epistemic state of transcripts have been the subject of discussions and reflections inExpand
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Gütekriterien qualitativer Sozialforschung. Ein Diskussionsanstoß
Zusammenfassung Der Beitrag expliziert Gütekriterien der qualitativen Sozialforschung. Er geht von der Prämisse aus, dass Qualitätsmerkmale in diesem Segment empirischer Sozialforschung nur unterExpand
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The appropriation of media in everyday life
1. Acknowledgments 2. Introduction: Media appropriation and everyday life (by Ayass, Ruth) 3. Overview of the volume (by Gerhardt, Cornelia) 4. Part I. Patterns of television reception 5.Expand
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Life-World, Sub-Worlds, After-Worlds: The Various ‘Realnesses’ of Multiple Realities
This paper will discuss the correlation between the world of everyday life, finite provinces of meaning, and religion. To this end, the paper will start out by explaining Schutz’ considerations onExpand
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Using media as involvement shields
Abstract It is a core feature of old and new media to allow communication in contexts where it cannot naturally occur since the individuals are out of each other's reach. In this classicExpand
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Doing Waiting: An Ethnomethodological Analysis
Waiting is an activity that is virtually carried out by everybody at every time and everywhere. In contrast to other occupations, such as playing the piano, it does not require painstaking trainingExpand
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Communicative activities during the television reception
After decades of behavioristic media research, there is now a new media research that not only asks what “people do with media”, but also addresses mass media recipients as “interpretiveExpand
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Von der Notwendigkeit ansatzübergreifender Gütekriterien. Eine Replik auf Paul Eisewicht und Tilo Grenz
Zusammenfassung Der Beitrag greift zentrale Einwände von Eisewicht und Grenz (2018) auf und verweist gegenüber dem Vorhalt eines unvollständig rezipierten Forschungsstandes auf einen anderen, in derExpand
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