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Describing long-term dynamics in oak stands is hindered by a lack of archival data. In this study, archival data from the 1934 inventory of a 673-ha area within the Sylamore Experimental Forest were compared to a recent 2002 inventory to quantify changes in forest structure and species composition of this upland oak forest in the Ozark Mountains of(More)
The electrical properties of In<inf>x</inf>Ga<inf>1-x</inf>As (x=0.53, x=0.65) MOSFETs have been studied for three different ex-situ surface passivation techniques (HF clean, (NH<inf>4</inf>)<inf>2</inf>S clean and PECVD a-Si interlayer) with HfO<inf>2</inf> gate dielectric (4 nm and 8 nm) and Ni/Au gate metal. In<inf>0.65</inf>Ga<inf>0.35</inf>As devices(More)
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