Ruth Alcolado

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Liver fibrosis results from a relative imbalance between synthesis and degradation of matrix proteins. We have previously described release of the protein collagenase inhibitor, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 (TIMP-1), by culture-activated human hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). In this study, we have investigated the relative expression of TIMP-1 and(More)
The objects of the present study were: (1) to define the relationships of the arachnoid mater to blood vessels in the subarachnoid space; (2) to establish the structure of leptomeningeal trabeculae and their relationships to the pia mater; and (3) to investigate the fine structure of the human pia mater. Intracranial portions of vertebral artery were taken(More)
There is increasing concern about the inappropriate use of alcohol by teenagers and young adults. The objective of this study was to assess the practicality of developing an alcohol education programme for school pupils delivered by medical students. The study design was of a prospective, observational, interventional cohort study. The primary outcomes were(More)
Intestinal type gastric cancer is a significant cause of mortality, therefore a better understanding of its molecular basis is required. We assessed if either aneuploidy or activity of the oncogenic transcription factor nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kappaB), increased incrementally during pre-malignant gastric histological progression and also if they(More)
Infliximab is a monoclonal antibody against tumour necrosis factor-alpha. Recent studies have shown that it is effective in treating patients with refractory Crohn's disease and in those with Crohn's fistulae. Though this drug is found to be safe in clinical trials, sporadic reports of serious complications have been recorded in the literature. The case of(More)
When asked to examine a patient in a clinical examination, undergraduates and postgraduates characteristically begin with a painstaking observation of the hands. It was of concern that this is done mainly for the benefit of the examiners and that, in routine clinical practice, examination of the hands receives scant attention. The case notes of 70 general(More)
Arterial and arteriovenous abnormalities are reported in association with advanced liver disease, those most commonly recognised are spider naevi, pulmonary arteriovenous shunts, and generalised vasodilatation. The first two cases of peripheral systemic arteriovenous malformations in association with cirrhosis are reported. After liver transplantation in(More)
Transfusion-dependent anaemia and portal hypertension are recognised complications of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). The anaemia is a result of chronic bleeding from gastrointestinal telangiectasias, which are usually multiple and located throughout the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, treatment with argon plasma coagulation via(More)
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